Combi grab

Combi grab series​

The Combi grab series consists of a high quality hydraulic master unit which can be fi tted with a wide range of different digging and clamping attachments. The ability to change attachments quickly and easily makes this grab one of the most fl exible and useful in the BSV range. Combi grabs are designed primarily for use with smaller hydraulic cranes, mini excavators, agricultural equipment, etc. The Combi grab offers many advantages especially in terms of fl exibility, durability and effi ciency.

  • Quick attachment change - no hand tool required
  • The right tool for the right job
  • High digging force for a small grab
  • High torsion stability
  • High quality 100% fully welded construction
  • Produced in high grade steel
  • Low unit weight
  • Greaseable axles
  • Minimal maintenance requirements


The impressive range of attachments makes the Combi hugely versatile.

​Tools include open and close-sided bucket grabs, multi-purpose arms for manure, wood, compost and similar products as well as specialist arms for stacking, small trees, etc.

​In addition to our standard range of attachments, we are also able to develop special tools for specific situations.

Bucket type Combi G (Closed)​

Bucket type Combi GSX (Open)​

​Grab type Combi UNI (Universal/Manure)

Grab type Combi 0,2M (Wood)​

Grab type Combi BT (Kerb stones)​

Grab type Combi ST (Stone)​

Basket type Combi RG (Beat and Water weeds)

Grab type Combi ST-HD (Stone Heavy duty)​

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